Looking For Your Dream Home?  Here's Aldo's Honest Input:

"I understand that a real estate transaction can be emotionally stressful when you are buying a home.  If you work with me as your REALTOR, I will not only look after your best interest and ensure the transaction goes smoothly, but will honor the REALTOR Code of Ethics that I am subject to.  

You are the one making all of the decisions, but I will be with you through every step of the way to provide accurate and useful information.  This information will protect your interests and allow you to make informed decisions to take solid steps towards your dream home. I take pride in the fact that I provide an abundance of information to my clients.  In fact, sometimes so much information might seem confusing or perhaps excessive.  However, I believe that sometimes confusion is what helps you to re-examine the situation and make a sound decision.

As a Buyer, you might see a house that you fall in love with.  Rest assured that although I will be next to you admiring the "perfect home" we just found, I will be blatant and honest about its down sides and defects.  My goal isn't to simply sell you a house and get a quick paycheck.  I want to be able to go home to my wife and daughter and sleep with a clear conscience knowing all my clients not only love their new homes, but have made well informed decisions.
 This is my disclosure to you, a disclosure of my work ethics, style and personality.  Read my resume and contact me if you would like to interview me as your potential REALTOR; or if you are ready to get started, fill out the form below and I will contact you promptly." 

Aldo Figueroa

Testimonial: Aldo did an excellent job in clearly explaining to me all of the details, advantages and disadvantages of each home and the process of buying. I am sure that I made the right decision and feel confident that my investment will succeed...................READ MORE