Zip Code: 21224
Housing Types: Condominiums, Historic Houses, Row homes
Public Transport: MTA Busses
Schools: South High School, Faircrest Memorial Middle School, H.R Walker Elementary
Places of Worship:
Canton Baptist Church, United Evangelical Church,  Patterson Park Baptist Church
Things to do: Attractions, Landmarks, Parks, Gardens and Cemeteries, Various Bars, Pubs and Restaurants
Walmart, The home Depot, Walgreens, Harbor place
Community Personality: Hip, Pet-friendly, Social, Spunky

Find Houses for Sale in Canton

Close to Patterson Park, Fells Point, Highland town, Greek town and minutes to Downtown. Canton is located along Baltimore’s outer Harbor.  New developments over recent years added another focus on the area, such as the Canton Waterfront Park, two marinas and a public boat launch and many bars and restaurants. The housing stock consists from a variety of different style homes. There are also waterfront apartments and condominiums in rehabilitated industrial buildings.  Turn-of-the-20th Century two and three story Row homes. And new build Town homes.