Charles Village

Zip Code: 21218
Housing Types: Condominiums, New construction, Single Family, Detached homes, Historic Houses, Row homes
Public Transport: MTA Busses
Schools: Barclay Elementary/Middle School. Margret Brent Elementary/ Middle School, The Green Mount School
Places of Worship: Oak St. AME Church, MT Carmel Baptist Church
Things to do: Love Music, The Walters Art Museum, Maryland Woman's Heritage Center
Shopping: Waverly Farmers Market
Community Personality: Close-knit, Involved, Liberal, Quirky


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Charles Village's boundaries run from University Parkway in the north down Guilford Avenue in the east until 25th Street, where the eastern boundary becomes Saint Paul Street until the southern boundary at 22nd Street. Howard Street provides the western boundary until 29th Street where Howard ends and the Baltimore Museum of Art and the Johns Hopkins University create a western boundary at Charles Street. The area is conveniently located to downtown and has very easy access to I-83. Major bus-lines follow Charles Village's major north-south streets such as North Charles, St. Paul and Maryland Avenue.