Mount Washington

Zip Code: 21231
Housing types: Condominiums, Historic houses, Row Homes, Single Family, Detached Homes
Public Transport: Central Light Rail, MTA Busses
Schools: Northwestern High School
Places of Worship: United Methodist Church
Things to do: Variety of different Pubs, Bars and Restaurants
Shopping: Mill Business Center, Village of Cross Keys, Greenspring Shopping Center
Community Personality: Eclectic, Green, Historic, Spunky, Unique

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In northwestern Baltimore City, bordered on the east by the Jones Falls, Northern Parkway to the south, Key Avenue & Glen Avenue to the west and essentially the city line to the north. This location uniquely situates Mount Washington in a country setting with easy access to the Jones Falls Expressway, by which the Inner Harbor is only a fifteen minute drive.

The neighborhood is comprised of approximately 1600 residences surrounded by attractions, natural and man made. On the Northwest edge, Luckman Park is a lovely setting in which to play tennis, picnic or walk through the woods. At the other (southeast) end of the neighborhood, the University of Baltimore Fields include playing fields for lacrosse and rugby, and a golf driving range open to the public. The Mount Washington Village, part of the eastern section of the neighborhood, includes restaurants, salons, clothing stores, specialty shops.