Consider Staging Your Home

Aldo wants to sell your home fast and at top value as much as you do.  To accomplish that, you as the homeowner and he have to work hard and be deliberate and diligent about it.  Careful planning and sometimes professional advise is needed to spruce up your home for successful showings.

It is important to understand that the way you live in your home and the way you sell your home are two different things.  We tend to accumulate things that we need for everyday use; it is normal.  But in the Buyer's eyes, these items become clutter and as a result are unable to picture the room with their own things in it.

Imagine walking into a hotel room and finding the walls hung with family pictures of strangers, or a bunch of shoes lined up at the door.  You probably wouldn't feel comfortable staying there, because the room would feel like someone else's space.  Staging or showcasing is the process of making your home feel like a neutral, uncluttered and inviting space that Buyers could see themselves living in, while maintaining enough of the homes charm to make it feel unique.

To showcase your home, it is likely that you will not have to purchase furniture, or invest a large amount of money.  In most cases we are able to help simply by re-arranging furniture, pictures, lamps, closets and storing excess personal items.

De-clutter is the big word in staging, and it often requires you to rent a storage unit to put furniture that blocks paths and walkways, things from emptied bookcases, packed knickknacks, kitchenware that often will be sitting on your counter tops, etc.

Another important step while staging your home is to make minor repairs.  Aldo's experience and expertise while working with buyers will bring valuable insight about the minor repairs that often discourage Buyers from buying an otherwise "perfect" home.  You will benefit greatly by investing little time and money on small repairs such as re-caulking the tub, patching holes, fixing leaky faucets, painting walls with neutral colors, installing light bulbs where missing, replacing bed spreaders, hanging fresh towels, mowing, mulching and edging the lawn, throughly cleaning your home and keeping it that way for every showing, etc.

Before you do anything with your home, call Aldo.  He will do an initial free consultation and issue recommendations on what can be done to get your home sold for top value and fast!